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The KEY to SUCCESS in Life and the rapidly changing global economy is to 'Keep Learning and Developing New Skill-sets'. When we keep track of latest happening and live in PRESENT while adapting and adopting the new knowledge, skills and informtion, we co-create and nurture posiible potential for growth and succeess. This Harmony in Work-Life Eco-system leads to Permanent Happiness too

Career Conclave 2018

Our Startup 3HS India is participating in the Career Conclave 2018 Organised by Department of Education Delhi Govt. at Pragati Maidan New Delhi to guide, mentor and support students to choose the right joyful career for them. The most memorable day for all of us... the whole team energy and Happiness was so contageous that people started fillowing us and supporting us.
The session was dealt awesomely by Chitra Jain and Meena Mehta. Some mini sessions by Shachi Sharma and Meenakshi Mò Ní Kǎ Hooda was icing on the cake. My Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude to Archit of UN and all DOE Delhi Govt. for such awesome event and Meenakshi, Baishali Singh, Chitra Jain, Meena Mehta, Shachi Sharma, Sunita Hussain, Neelam ji, Sonu, Anuradha & Kalyan ji and the backend team radiating intent from their respective places. We are growing exponentially and I repeat Year 2018 is our year to manifest abundance.
Our FOCUS is Changing the Fixed Mindset of all students and teachers to Positive Growth Happy Mindset.

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Happiness Curriculum Development Workshop by SCERT Delhi Govt.

3HS.India team participated in the workshop on Development of Happiness Curriculum for Delhi Govt. Schools, under the banner of SCERT Delhi and Deptt. of Education.
It was really an awesome initiative of Delhi Govt under the leadership of Mr. Manish Sisodia Dy. CM. He shared his vision and emphasised on Simple, Effective, steps for covering 100% students for total immersion in happiness.
Thanks to Archit and all well wishers for including us in the process.

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